About Me



Thank you for visiting my little nook in the internet world. I’m thrilled you found your way here. I’m happy to tell you about the wonderful world of executive, organizational and life coaching as well as what led me to be passionate about this work.

“Being brave is walking down a path even though no one else is on it.”                                        Angie Montgomery

Losing my dad several years ago completely changed my journey and led me down a path I never would have imagined. Oftentimes beauty emerges when our world shatters around us. It gives us a reason to examine who we are and who we want to be. It isn’t always easy, comfortable or fun but it is always worth it. I started trying to live each day as if it were my last from pushing my limits at work to chasing my dreams outside of the workplace. I jumped head first into finding myself, my passions and places within myself that needed to be rearranged. I came out the other side stronger, more confident and sure of what I am meant to be doing here. I began to unlock something inside of myself that was being held back and lunged forward feeling freer than I ever had. I checked many items off my dream list like skydiving, running the NYC marathon, getting my motorcycles license, hot air ballooning and traveling. The most valuable part is I felt alive, purposeful and connected to others on a deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling level. I learned what I believe in and stepped into my spirituality. With each experience more of who I really am is revealed. It has taught me that I want others to experience this too!

           “Don’t be afraid of dying, be afraid of not living while you’re here.”                                          Angie Montgomery

One thing that has remained true in my life is that I love people. I’ve spent the past decade plus in the Human Resources field with my Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources and obtained my Professional in Human Resources certification (PHR). I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Training & Development. I am also working towards my coaching certification through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, recognized by the International Coaching Federation. Suffice it to say I understand people.  I have an intuition and ability to see where others typically stop themselves, whether it be in an organizational or personal setting. Coaching allows individuals or organizations to move beyond that point.

As I embark on this new journey of coaching I am filled with hope, joy and a sense of peace knowing I will encounter whom I’m meant to and contribute in the way that is right for me. I can’t wait to see where this new chapter will take me…and you!

With gratitude,

Angie Montgomery